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Our objective goes beyond temporary relaxation:
the goal is to make fundamental, lasting improvements in your state of mind.

Find your true happiness within!

 “The way to Truth must be one that anyone can follow; it must be scientific and systematic, and there must be as much enlightenment as one has cleansed his mind.” Woo Myung

Free online introduction

20-30 minutes presentation of the method
and private consultation

Systematic method, unlimited acces to meditation classes

A step-by-step meditation program that anyone can join. We have flexible schedule. We are open from monday to sunday, from 9-22h, and you can join whenever you want. 

Fully guided

We wholeheartedly help people find true peace within through this guided meditation program; composed of private and group meditation, personal consultations, and additional programs.

This meditation method is the method of the world.





more than

people practices this meditation.


My life has totally changed 

I’ve been truly reborn. All the things I was worried or stressed about, or what I couldn’t accept has disappeared completely. Of course, beacuse these were all illusions in my mind. I am liberated of the prison of my mind so I can live freely now.

What is the reason of my life? What will happen with us after death? Now I have the answer for all of my questions.

I honestly hope that everyone can reach human completion, and I try to help as much as I can. Let’s live together, with only joy, for each others!

Linda / 37 / instructor

I’m very grateful for this method!

 I’ve started this meditation, because I had many stress and anxiety. I was soo lucky that I’ve found this meditation, cause in a very short time I’ve changed a lot. In the process, very soon I could feel, that I’m much more lighter, more calm, and more confident. And the anxiety has disappeared.
Now, I can live a truly, very happy life, without worries.

 Gábor / 33 

When I had a difficult perion in my life, this meditation just found me.

My first goal was to calm my mind, but after I realized, this meditation is so much more about, than just to become stressfree. Since I started to cleanse my mind, I feel better both physically and mentally. I’m almost always cheerful, I have much more energy, and I’m fresh with less sleeping.

I can see myself better, and also I can accept others. Thanks for the method, my health is better, my cholesterol levels have recovered.

Laci / 33