The world has changed. It is completely different, than it was before

There wasn’t even electricity in the past, then someone found a way to produce it and use it. Since then, we have been using computers, and even artificial intelligence works for us.

Just as science has changed, so has consciousness. It is already possible to understand the human mind and to find the true mind that exists in human.

Up to now, one of the biggest obstacles in overcoming problems in life was the fact that the mind could not be precisely defined.

Everything comes into the world and exists that way. People come into the world the same way, but their minds are not in harmony with the real world. People create an own mindworld, and live inside that. Their own world of mind overlaps the real world, so they mistakenly think they live in the real world, but they actually live in their own world of thoughts.

If they cleanse their own world of thoughts, their mind, they can find both the real mind and the real world within themselves. Then it is possible to live happily with the real mind, and in harmony with the real world.

The human mindworld is a world of copy, not real, illusory, fake. Why?


When you make a photo of an object with a camera, the camera stores the copy of the object in its memory. The human body works the same way as an automatic camera. From his birth, with his five senses (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and whole body) he takes pictures of his life lived, the world around him, and stores these copies in his mind.

If we look back on our life, we can see that everything is stored in us, as images, a film, a memory of thoughts.

From these accumulated images comes the stress, anxiety, grievance, bad feelings, judgment, self-blame, remorse, sadness, depression, doubt, and tens of thousands of thoughts that make us feel unwell. Because these thoughts are constantly repeated in us, we cannot manage our human relationships well,we cannot coordinate our work well, shape our way of life comfortably, and as a result, the immune system weakens and diseases appear.

That’s how we’ve lived so far. However, the world has changed, evolved. Now there is a way to understand the negative mind, its structure and its function, and if we have understood that, we can cleanse it with this method.


The method of cleansing consists of seven levels. In doing so, we cleanse the mind step by step. We eliminate the images, the illusory world of thoughts. The question may occur, “can we lose our good experiences and memories with this?”. Images are not erased from the memory, but they are transformed into consciousness. We are getting free from all our attachments.

Even after completing the first level, the true mind can be found within ourselves. As the student progresses from level to level, so the consciousness grows. The recognitions come naturally and from within. The negative mind and tens of thousands of thoughts will also disappear until the 7th level. Then we cleanse and eliminate the habits inherited from our ancestors and parents.

As we move from level to level, our consciousness rises and we recognize that the true mind is within us and we recognize that all answers are within us. This is wisdom.

Where does the method come from?

It comes from Asia, South Korea. It is an easy to follow meditation for everyone, regardless of age.

It started in 1996, after a man named Woo Myung reached full enlightenment. Since then, over the past two decades, he has developed and perfected the method so others can achieve human completion.

Over the years, the method has evolved and since 2012, thousands of people have completed this method and this number is growing steadily.

The teacher provides the method as a guide for the meditation centers around the world, but the centers operate independently of him. This method is spreading by people from all over the globe trying their best. As a result of their own positive and transformational experiences, they are working wholeheartedly to share the most important message with the world.