My life has totally changed 

I’ve been truly reborn. All the things I was worried or stressed about, or what I couldn’t accept has disappeared completely. Of course, beacuse these were all illusions in my mind. I am liberated of the prison of my mind so I can live freely now.

What is the reason of my life? What will happen with us after death? Now I have the answer for all of my questions.

I honestly hope that everyone can reach human completion, and I try to help as much as I can. Let’s live together, with only joy, for each others!

Linda / 37 / instructor

I’m very grateful for this method!

 I’ve started this meditation, because I had many stress and anxiety. I was soo lucky that I’ve found this meditation, cause in a very short time I’ve changed a lot. In the process, very soon I could feel, that I’m much more lighter, more calm, and more confident. And the anxiety has disappeared.
Now, I can live a truly, very happy life, without worries.

 Gábor / 33 

When I had a difficult perion in my life, this meditation just found me.

My first goal was to calm my mind, but after I realized, this meditation is so much more about, than just to become stressfree. Since I started to cleanse my mind, I feel better both physically and mentally. I’m almost always cheerful, I have much more energy, and I’m fresh with less sleeping.

I can see myself better, and also I can accept others. Thanks for the method, my health is better, my cholesterol levels have recovered.

Laci / 33