According to the result of a research of a pennsylvanian University, 85% of the thoughts of an average person are negative, and 90% of that are thougths of things that never happened. By cleansing our mind, let’s give space to the life instead of the thoughts!

EMore and more research shows how beneficial the meditation is.

Meditation produces Endorphins, the happiness hormones in our bodies. Also, the telomeres; the ends of our chromosomes are lenghtening, which significantly improves the immune system.

The confusion disappears from your mind

Our minds are full of images of our lived life. The tens of thousands of thoughts come from the images I’ve taken in the past and registered in my brain. This huge amount of thoughts is the stress itself, that completely makes one tired.

Your health improves

Stress, back pain, migraines, fatigue, lethargy, and other health problems are the cause of our minds. Why?

Because all our thoughts are stored in our brains and in every cell of our body. These thoughts block our body’s natural energy flow and blood flow, resulting in reduced immunity. That is why diseases occur.

Meditation improves the immune system. As a result of meditation, telomeres (ends of chromosomes) lengthen. Our body’s cell billions are regenerating so we can live longer and healthier.

Your face gets brighter

As the stress, anxiety, fear, and all negative emotions start to disappear, also the imprint of these also disappears from our faces. Even after a few meditation practices, the relief is visible on the face; it becomes brighter and more vivid.

In Korean, the face, eoul-gul, means soul cave. There isn’t any plastical surgery that brings better results than becoming the most beautiful version of oneself through meditation.

Your efficiency can be boosted by than 10 times.

Researchers have shown that meditation increases the amount of gray matter in the brain, which improves the ability to concentrate.
As our ability to concentrate increases, we are able to focus on only one thing at a time, to pay attention to one thing. So our activity and thought are one. This is how we are most productive in what we are doing.

You will be confident

Confidence, self-confidence. Everyone is talking about it, but what does it really mean?

The more you throw away the picture world that covers your true self, the more your true self becomes visible. The more you throw away the images accumulated in your mind, the more you will find the true power and confidence within you. As your consciousness grows day by day, you make your decisions easier and easier. When all doubt, fear, and judgment disappear from you, you will be unstoppable!

The greatest miracle; human completion can be achieved

If someone is completely liberated from his false mind, one can always live with the true mind, which means one exists. That way one can be truly happy. If I live with my true mind, I can know the principles of the world. I can know who I am, where I came from, and what the meaning of my life is.

If the thought changes, then the habit also changes, if the habit changes, the action also changes, if the action changes, then our destiny changes, and if our destiny changes, everything will go well.